How to buy watches and watches in the UK recommended

Wear a high-end, superior watch, can set off a personal style and self-confidence. Today, whether men or women, choose a watch for their own, not only a symbol of identity, but also reflect their own taste, or classic, or fashion, or sports, or innovation ... ... Britain as a world-class Shopping malls, many people travel to the UK, or study, work, return home to buy a watch is very wise, because it is unparalleled with the domestic price and quality advantages, can make you a worthwhile trip. UK Where to buy watches? London is a world-famous shopping center, where gathered the forefront of the world, high-end, luxury brand. London's high-end shopping malls a lot of, the most famous of which is located in the center of London's Selfridges (the official website link) and Harrods department store (official website link), these department stores have watch counters, brand, fashionable, to meet your one-stop shopping demand. Britain where to buy watches But the drawback is that these high-end department stores can not bargain, can only help you tax rebate, there is no price on the British professional watch line advantage, of course, if you are very rich want to headstrong a also does not matter. Here we recommend two of the UK's largest and most famous watch: Goldsmiths (official website link) and Watch of Switzerland (the official website link), if you want to come to the UK to buy watches, must not miss the two. Goldsmiths is Britain's century-old, monopoly watch and jewelry family, their stores are widely distributed, almost all major cities in the United Kingdom and the town has a distribution of the mall, many of the British diamond wedding ring are here to buy ; Watch of Switzerland is also a very famous British line of the watch, credibility and distribution and Goldsmiths hard to up and down, the basic Goldsmiths chain in the vicinity of not far from a Watch of Switzerland. It should be noted that the two watchs with the use of the same system, if you do not need a watch, then the other do not go, still no. The two watch line services are particularly good, especially for Chinese customers, to know the UK's luxury goods industry, the largest customers from China and the Middle East, these watch lines are accepted Union Pay, many of the watch also comes with a Chinese translation. If you want to bargain Here are some tips, not recommended to the London Central watch line, where more tourists, business is hot, the general staff do not give you bargaining room, you can go to some remote towns or second and third line City, if their English is not good enough to find an interpreter to help you bargain, generally good luck can cut 10% off. In addition to the physical store, the two watch line has its own online store, the discount intensity is much larger than the store, where more recommended in their official website to buy. But also in the official website can always check whether you want to watch the goods, there is no need for English dialogue, to solve the language of communication barriers. Britain where to buy watches In addition to The Watch Hut, the UK's largest online watch discount website, they represent the watch brand is very large, the price than the previous two large watch line advantage, up to 60% of the discount. If you want to save more money, you can go to this site to wait and see. Related articles click on: [The Watch Hut] the UK's largest direct mail to China Shopping Guide UK to buy the watch price? On this issue, I believe that many British Chinese have been domestic friends asked numerous times, yes, Bangli first came to the UK when there are countless friends and family consulting various prices in the UK. The United Kingdom has a special advantage, because the United Kingdom's product tax is particularly high, ranging from 14% -20%, especially in luxury goods, the price is certainly not as good as Hong Kong, the United States have an advantage, electronic product. Here also explain that the British electronic products, especially Apple computers, iphone, ipad and so expensive than in Hong Kong, after we do not ask us this question, and if you want the best overseas to find the United States or Hong Kong supply. How to buy a British tax rebate? Speaking of additional taxes, then the tax rebate is the key, and tax rebates can save you a lot of money, this time the price advantage will come out. On the tax rebate, Bangli in the previous Bowen explained in detail, the first tax condition is that your visa must be a tourist visa, or a three-month student visa or work visa, family visa, etc., if the long-term residence in the UK The Chinese are not eligible for tax rebates. Specific tax details can see: UK shopping how to tax? People love a few big replica watches uk brand Rolex British watch recommended Rolex in the minds of the people be regarded as the first watch brand, in the earliest to enter the Chinese market watch brand, in the liberation of a considerable period of time, many reasons to make people only Rolex thriving. Rolex's brand identity is irreplaceable, and its swatch quality of products, laid the enduring status of it. Rolex Deepsea replica watches the uniqueness, not the other watches can be replaced. Ringlock system, the watch can withstand deep 3900 meters (12,800 feet) of the strong water pressure, equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure. Rolex Deepsea has a strong degree of solid, waterproof and pressure performance. Rolex has always been known to dive watch, following the classic Oyster series, since 1950 after the introduction of innovative Submariner and Sea Dweller series, so that dive watch function evolved to a higher level. Not only waterproof powerful function, light to see the dial and the overall design, is charming to not work! Is any favorite sports watch men, watch one of the coveted! (Goldsmiths buy link) 2. Omega (OMEGA) Omega is the ordinary middle-class line, be close to the people of the watch brand, pay attention to both technology and beauty, with an Omega watch is also the desire of many young middle-class family. Omega Classic four series for the constellation constellation, hippocampus, Speedmaster, disc flying, constellation series is very popular in the country, its beauty is undeniable, technology, also has excellent place. (Goldsmiths buy link) Watch Recommended: Omega Men's Watch Recommended, Omega Women's watch recommended 3. Longines British watch recommended Longines in the eyes of the people of high status, especially by the young ladies of the family, in the endorsement of numerous advertising stars, Longines has become the representative of elegant watches, countless girls in the hearts of love. (Goldsmiths buy link) Classic single product recommendation: [Longines] Longines ladies rolex replica, an elegant retro sports experience 4. Tag Heuer (TAG HEUER) TAG Heuer to create excellence in the spirit of the brand, established its best example of Swiss watchmaking. CARRERA is TAG Heuer 's most fascinating collection of watches, from its latest mechanical technology and the resistance to the charm of steel plate. In recent years, this series in the material and parts, after many updates and changes, but in the design, still retains the original spirit of the car. For the young men who love racing, this is the perfect choice. (Goldsmiths buy link) 5. Cartier (Cartier) Cartier is a famous French jewelry brand, once for the European countries of the royal family of noble jewelry design, known as the most royal favorite pet jewelry brand, its design high-end, atmosphere, elegance, Fan. Cartier's business from the initial expansion of jewelry design to watches, leather goods, perfume, etc., on the watch, the Cartier watch in the product positioning to fully reflect the "interlocking" pattern, the price from close to high-end luxury Are covered, as each stage can be affordable high-end watches. (Official website to buy links) (Chanel), a woman in the eyes of irreplaceable representatives of fashion and luxury; Rado (Rado), the world's most fashionable and fashionable brand of luxury watches and apparel brands, as well as the more popular watch brands are Tissot (Tissot), pay attention to the forefront of science and technology and fashion aesthetic design of the perfect combination; (Patek Philippe), one of the only Swiss independent manufacturers, known as the watch lovers noble symbol; Casio (Casio), cost-effective in line with the general public (Patek Philippe) Consumption of watches, especially sports series, popular young family sought after. Yes, there are Daniel Wellington watch, is now being "in" one of the watch, the design is simple, the price is also relatively close to the people Oh!