Diving watch of the "former life"

For the watch, the water, dust, magnetic and vibration are affecting the accuracy of the enemy. In this, water is the most important, because the daily use of the watch are likely to make the water into the watch to cause great harm. Today, most sports watches are almost 100 meters of waterproof, while the diving watch is 200 meters above the waterproof performance. However, if we look at the history of waterproof performance of the watch, you will find that today we used to waterproof performance, in fact, this is a long road to research and development, it is worth slowly taste. If the beginning of the waterproof watch, that is, in the 1920s, the watch case from the buckle-type change into screw-in. Before the screw-in type, the solution is to seal the watch in a housing, so that although you can protect all the parts, but there are two defects. The first is to lead to the whole watch is very large volume. The second drawback is that whenever the manual movement needs to be wound up on the chain or need to adjust the time, they need to be removed from the shell and then put back. When the automatic mechanical watch on the chain has not been invented, so this shell will be regular, repetitive use, and will soon wear and tear broken, and then sent to the maintenance. As a result, the future of this enclosure is limited. So technicians need to invent a more practical, more durable solution. The first attempt to screw-in case was a manufacturing technician called Francois Borgel, who in 1891 and 1903 respectively made two slightly different use of rotating locking case. The main advantage is to swiss replica watches abandon the shell at the same time achieved good sealing. The mechanical structure of this case contains a threaded ring, bezel and rear cover by rotating the way the watch is connected with the lock. This case also has some shortcomings, because the crown has not been sealed, moisture and fine dust can still enter the movement. The first patent on the crown seal was born in October 1925, from Paul Perregaux and Georges Perret two watchmakers, but the technology is fully mature or far worse. It also has two drawbacks. First, loosen the crown and the position of the chain is the same, so once you have all the things set, if you want to unscrew it again, watch the gossamer will certainly be some wear and tear. Second, the material used to seal the crown is exposed to the outside (position 16), and fragile materials such as cork, leather or felts are used. These materials can easily lose their sealing properties and then need to be replaced. At the time of production capacity, these are the only materials that can be used. After the patent was discovered and bought by Hans Wilsdof, one of Rolex's founders, it was improved. Seal from the shell to move to the shell, while sealing material selection lead, extended practicality and waterproof effect is also ideal. Rolex in the crown to improve the design of the case, the Rolex classic oyster case also gave birth. Wiesdorf in his own name in the UK to register the patent, which is the originator of the famous diving watch - Oyster patent. Since then, Rolex and this technology out of the diving watch a global sensation. The first diving replica watches uk rotating outer ring is the emergence in 1953, Blancpain launched the first generation of 50 diving watch for its equipped with a rotating outer ring, and also for this patent. The Rolex most famous "water ghost" series is until the end of the patent protection period in the 20th century, 80 years of equipment on the rotating outer ring. And can be double rotating bezel different diving watch rotating outer ring can only one-way counter-clockwise rotation, which is set in order to protect the safety of divers to prevent divers in the underwater complex operation caused by rotating bezel rotation, extended Dive time. In 1982, the international standard dive watch was formally established by the ISO, after two amendments. The 11 major items include watches that can withstand 100 meters of water; in the dark can still clearly identify; with magnetic resistance; with impact resistance; resistance to external force; salt water resistance; temperature tolerance Biaohua; with at least accurate to 5-minute scale rotating bezel; in the water without prejudice to the operation and use; resistance to air pressure; for helium diving watch, you must pay attention to the normal timing of the risk of damage and so on. In addition to screw-in case, crown and rotating bezel, there is an important case on the waterproof technology - helium valve, diving machinery in the dive, the helium will enter the case due to deep sea pressure, the gas Flow will make the watch with the outside world flat pressure. But when the dive tank rises, the gas pressure inside the watch will be much higher than the outside, which will make the case face the risk of burst open. The helium valve (now the vast majority of the watch are automatically discharged helium), you can backlog of helium shells quickly discharged from the shell, to ensure the safety of the case. In general, equipped with helium valve diving watch can be competent for deep-sea operations, and diving enthusiasts often play the ordinary "scuba-diving" diving (that is, carrying a helium oxygen cylinder diving), or without any equipment "bare Potential ", the diving watch no need to install helium devices, because the dive depth is limited. In addition to these, diving watch material, watch mirror, bracelet, movement and so on in the ongoing upgrade. Although these expensive high-level diving rolex replica to your hands, mostly difficult to sneak into the sea to show their skill. But these mark the diving depth of the timing tool, its excellent professional quality no doubt. Love a diving watch is not only its appearance and the story behind it, and the infinite yearning for the sea