New air tyrants 48,000 new Daytona 95,000

After waiting for more than a month in April, the public in 2016, the new Rolex has finally been listed on the market. By the author on the ground, the new air hegemony domestic price is 4.8 million, Beijing Xidan Harmony World Watch Center has a spot, ceramic ring Di Tongnong public 95,000, the spot has been set to go, and the short term difficult spot, because already There is a row of customers. Rolex Air Overlord Series 116900-71200 watch replica watches uk Overlord has been a personal recommendation of the most worth buying entry-level Oyster watch, on the one hand the low price threshold, on the other hand there is a little historical background. But to tell the truth, the past empty-hegemony, size is too small, few bright spots on the rolex replica design, so later stopped a new year. This year, Rolex redesigned the air hegemony, the size increased to 40 mm, in line with modern men's wrist diameter, built-in 3131 automatic movement (and green glass with the paragraph), the first use of gold and green dial on the combination of platinum, 3/6/9 Arabic numerals, minute scale from the instrument panel design, the pointer to the Mercedes-Benz needle. The whole is both beautiful, there are features, performance, as always, excellent. So this year after the launch of the air hegemony, continued fiery. Price, the price of 4.8 million, is indeed Rolex's entry-level prices. Rolex cosmometer type Daytona Series 116500LN-78590 watch This watch is the rolex watches this year, the hottest watches, Basel Watch Fair launched when the cause of widespread hot. In essence, it and the old section of the steel section Daytona is not much difference, just replace the original bezel with ceramic bezel, the other on the nothing changed. But only this point, the rolex replica watches market reaction is very intense, because the ceramic bezel Although in the Daytona series has been used for many years, but until today, only applied to the steel section of Daytona. Another interesting thing is that the black ceramic ring changed, the white disk is more popular than the black disk, so the formation of a strange trend, want to buy a white plate New Daytona, like the old black on the election Di Tong take. Unfortunately, this watch is too hot, and want to buy in the country, to wait a few months. Summary: At present, Rolex 2016 new products only to a small part, there are many new products such as new explorers, yachts and other celebrities have not yet arrived.