Rolex 2016 new 3235 movement log type listing

In 2015, Rolex launched a new upgrade after the 3255-type movement, and accompanied by a small number of high-end version of the log type equipped with a 3235 automatic movement. This year, 3135 from 3135 to upgrade the automatic movement began to spread, gradually used in the mid-range version of the log type. Today, these equipped with a new movement of the log-type finally listed, between the gold version of the price of about 11 million. Rolex Log Series 126333 Diamonds replica watches New log type this year, the biggest feature is the use of the new movement on Rolex - 3235, in the watch number can also be reflected from the original 116333, became 126,333. This year's Rolex log type is mainly between the gold section, and then when the standard with a diamond or bar scale, and last year's all-precious metals than first, is undoubtedly lower the threshold, but also a lot more than last year. Between the log-type log-type watch is the most popular models, although in appearance, the new and old almost no difference, but 3235 movement advantage is very obvious, more accurate and stable, the use of more Rolex technology patents, power reserve is also raised to 70 hours, but in the price, but almost no change. Rolex Log Series 126331 Chocolate Disk Set With Diamond Watch This is equipped with 3235 movement of another log-type watch, and the difference is a different dial color, which is chocolate. Similarly, this watch has all the advantages brought by the new swiss replica watches technology, certified by top-level observatory. Compared to 126,333, this watch to get started feeling very different, it is more calm, but very jump. Mosaic of diamonds by Rolex choice, the selection of the top diamonds, so watch in the fine also with some shiny, quite a wise men feel. Non - New - Rolex Women 's Log Series 179171 Black Fritillaria disc watch This Rolex is not this year's new, but more features, black pearl Fritillaria disk, diamond scale, between the gold case, 26 mm table diameter, very independent, full of women's watches, black pearl Fritillaria in a specific point of view In order to see it in different colors. Watch with Rolex oyster-style watch all the features, the case used in the eternal rose gold rolex patent metal materials, and ordinary rose gold because of the different components to achieve a lasting metal color retention. Summary: 2016 Rolex new products are listed, like and want to buy new Rolex technology results 3235 automatic movement watch friends, in addition to the two men described above table, there are other dial color and style options, are interested The words may wish to store inquiries. (replica watches home Wu Yibing)